Career - Projects

On this page I will show the main challenges I had in the projects I work on. Given that my career at Itaú Unibanco is the most consistent and relevant at the moment, I will list only the projects in which I participated in these companies:

Descomplica Facudade Digital

Author teacher week - November/2023
  • I was on a live broadcast together with a teacher who accompanies the students and the students themselves to bring news about the subject in which I was the author and answer the students' questions.
  • Photo of the certificate of participation in the author teacher week in 2023

Descomplica Facudade Digital

Tecnologias Inovadoras de Desenvolvimento de Sistemas (Innovative Systems Development Technologies)
  • I was the author of the course where I created all the visual material (slide presentation), support materials (detailed description + references) and recording of the 16 classes in the studio in person
  • Foto do certificado de autoria da disciplina Tecnologias Inovadoras de Desenvolvimento de Sistemas

Neon Pagamentos S.A

The Developers Conference
  • Through the TDC Business 2022 São Paulo event held from August 22 to 24, 2022, I participated as a speaker on the Technical Leadership Trail, with the theme Individual Contributor Career.
  • Picture of the participation certificate as a speaker at TDC Business 2022
Neon Tech Summit
  • Incentive to learn about technology to market newcomers and students, with the aim of disseminating technology matters with Neon experts. Through Neon Tech Summit, event held from June 20 to 24, 2022, I participated as a speaker on the subject Messaging.
Neon Data Week
  • Incentive to learning for newcomers in the technology market and students, in order to publicize the importance of Data in Companies and in people's lives. Through the Neon Data Week event held from May 23 to 27, 2022, I participated as a speaker on the subjects Messaging and Database Queries.
  • In the Database Queries theme, I provided a repository with the bibliographic reference used in the material, instructions for installing and using a local database. The following repository also has example scripts for learning (in brazilian portuguese):

Itaú Unibanco S.A

  • As many of you may already know given the information contained in the media, the PIX arrives as a new means of payment practically instant, available 24/7. The context of this project was the delivery of a feature in the Treasury to request liquidity from Bacen (and later pay this liquidity request). As it is a bank the size of Itaú Unibanco, we do not believe that this feature will even be used, but just as Redesconto is a tool that is necessary to exist.
  • As a challenge to continue the development and testing of a demand that was already underway (as it had just arrived), where the main focus was the planned approval of the project. An already very old system made in VB6 in which we had to develop and test a lot, since it is a legacy that no matter how much we have touched a specific module, being a monolith it can impact other features of the system.
Segregation of LK system database
  • This project aimed to separate the database from a system called LK to an exclusive and newer server, avoiding any problems. The context of this project was the adaptation of the system called MM, which I am responsible for using the new LK system server. It seems very simple (just change ConnectionString), but given that the MM system is an old legacy in VB6, we highlight the need to change linked server in more than 40 procedures and change configuration files on more than 40 servers.
  • As a challenge to my new arrival in the Treasury "community" in a new team, where in addition to starting to interact with new people there is also the system that I started to know. The orchestration of the moves was complex, requiring a lot of organization given the amount of places to be moved. We made the delivery on the verge of perfection, leaving behind only 2 procedures that we got right in minutes with no impact on the operational, showing that it is possible to make a migration with excellence counting on a team of 10!
Rate WG
  • I participated in a working group to solve some problems already reported in the media in relation to the rates that were being calculated with some inconsistencies. In this context, my participation in the project was to create the centralization of the maintenance of basic tariffs for the boleto product, that is, the maintenance of the tariffs independent of the customer, but which serves as a basis for eventually applying discounts.
  • The challenge is to deploy the solution in PaaS from Itaú's private cloud, as it would be the first application in PaaS in the Digital Cash "community". We learned how to prepare the application for use in Paas (OpenShift) and supported the Enabler team to document and replicate good practices so that other projects could also go to PaaS.
Iti 6 months
  • What we know today as an ITI product has been called Tokpag in the past, so this project originated as Tokpag 6 months. The context was to deliver the foundations of the wallet concept that ITI uses within 6 months.
  • As a challenge, the delivery itself with a very bold deadline considering that we were in only 3 people: 1 engineer, myself as a dev and another junior dev who had just entered the bank. The project itself didn't take much work, because we knew very well what we should do, but the challenge was to "ram" an analyst who had experience with tests and who was hired to work on the mainframe to deliver a solution in Java. I am proud to have contributed to the career of this analyst who entered as a junior and today is full, was very shy and after a while he was already making presentations to the entire "community".
Financial interoperability
  • With the arrival of several FinTechs, it was necessary to adapt to make transfers between the bank and these new financial institutions through a Payment Account, since many FinTechs do not have a Current Account. The context was to adapt the payment systems to enable the transfer to a payment account, both for other financial institutions and for payment accounts at Itaú itself.
  • As a challenge, my responsibility as the team's only senior (at the time) to deliver the project in 3 months with a team that was arriving in the Payments "community". My mission was to welcome these analysts who came from other areas and lead the development of the project. We jointly created a coding standard so that in the absence of any analyst, another analyst would be able to carry out the development with a low code understanding curve. We did have some problems in the deployments due to the size of the development and the extremely aggressive deadline, but the team managed to get around the problems and we made the delivery satisfactorily. Thanks to the great commitment of the team that acted in an exemplary collaborative way, where this example of collaboration was replicated in other future projects with other teams.
Bill Presentment
  • Strategic product that is part of the payment products market place, one of the first modernized services aiming at a unique place to visualize debts. The context was to create a product from scratch, already thinking of being a service among many that would come into existence, with the involvement of channels and the contracting of software factory services.
  • As a challenge to develop a specialized engine for handling CNAB files, I did it in C # .Net (full framework) where the final product would allow adding any file layout in minutes without having to change anything in the code. I also did some API development in Java after the software factory delivered the API structure. Java was new to me at the time, it was the first time that I built a solution using Eclipse in the bank and we were also one of the first to use the private cloud through IaaS. I was able to follow the career of a junior analyst (at the time) who had recently made a move to the technology area.
  • Regulatory need for the bank that involved sending financial transaction information to the IRS. The context was the development of the engine that reads text files generated by the mainframe with millions of financial transactions and sent to the IRS through a web service with encrypted data.
  • As a challenge, the leadership of a team of 8 developers to meet the legal demand with a very aggressive deadline, where I was the focal point to define the solution on the distributed platform and bridge the gap between what was developed on the mainframe so that we on the distributed platform could do it. our piece. It was very difficult to need to be present at all solution definition and decision meetings and "turn the key" to talk about the technical part with the other developers. We learned a lot in using an internal service that used an HSM server to encrypt all data before sending it to the IRS. We did a complex development that involved the transmission of this data in the most parallelized way possible and as quickly as possible. We delivered the project on time, but due to the volume we spent days and days following the processing of millions of transactions 100% secure and encrypted.
Mogi Mirim data center migration
  • Technological need to move applications before in the São Paulo data center (at the Mooca Technological Center) to the new Mogi Mirim data center. The context was to remove affinities from the applications (eg, fixed IP address in the application) and deploy them in the new data center with no impact on application availability.
  • As a challenge, I became the focal point responsible for the migration of the front end applications from the Wealth Management Services area. There was a need to adapt practically all the systems I migrated (more than 10), with the replacement of the servers IP by the alias and / or recompilation of applications with a newer framework. In the project there was also the migration of the ACE balancer to the BIG IP where we had to adapt several sites to use X-Forwarded-For (previously used RemoteAddr) to segregate access via the IP range.